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4minute snow cold brew


COLD BREW Gyro-pressurized Pressed Extraction System

Steep the coffee grounds for 4 minutes rotating up to 2500 rpm with cold water (COLDBREW). This pressed extraction process uses centrifugal force to make rich crema. It also enhances sweetness and flavor, which is the main advantage of low temperature extraction, by controlling the water flow and pressure, enabling neat coffee steeping.

Additional Utility

Using the milk whisk, which combines with the control stick through magnetism, various menus containing milk such as lattes and cappuccinos can be made.

Touch Panel

Activated when the control stick upper panel is touched with ‘one touch,’ and the blue LED flashes, automatically stopping after four minutes. If any problems are found during operation, it is paused with one touch, and after touching it again, the process resumes.

Up to 4 minutes

Brewing is carried out for a maximum of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, followed by a drying step for 30 seconds. Depending on the amount of water used for extraction, the operation time can be paused when the user desires. (※When 150ml is steeped, the spinning stops after touching it for one second after extracting for 3 minutes)

Inserting the Control Stick

Extract water through a simple and hygienic way by using the lid to turn the control stick closed, then turn slightly in the open direction to allow water through the micro channels.

Silicon Pad

Our exclusive pads allow quiet extraction by blocking minute vibrations and noise generated during cold brew steeping and are a hygienic resting place for components such as the filter basket.

Eco-friendly Material

Any possibilities of external air contamination is minimized through an organically-combined structure, also the rich taste and flavor are maintained during the process. Especially, it has no suspected environmental hormone bisphenol-A (BPA Free) using the eco-friendly, sanitary material Tritan, making it safe, durable and heat resistant. (Filter basket’s PE lid only)

Filter Basket

Through a triple bonding microfilter using stainless materials with excellent resistance against corrosion and acidity, it inhibits the extraction of any redundant fine particles and reduces the negative extracts to give you neat, body-rich coffee flavor and taste.

Convenient Portability

Adopting 3 AA-type batteries which are available to use safely and easily anywhere in the world, it’s portable to carry anywhere such as home, the office, and outdoors. Utilizing magnetic levitation technology, friction from spinning is minimized, so the battery sustains longer, making it an efficient coffee maker. (※ 100 times of steeping is available using 3 AA-type batteries / Different according to battery brands)

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