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Isn’t there a better way to cold brew fresh coffee in a faster time so that we can enjoy the best flavors of coffee, or to enjoy a refreshing cup anytime, anywhere, outside the café?

In only 4 minutes, experience fresh cold brew, G-Presso

Technical skills and flavor, G-Presso


Using the COLD BREW gyro-pressurized liquid extraction system, quickly steep 3 servings of coffee espresso in just 3 minutes.


Prevent any problems such as bacteria and external air which are normally caused by long-term steeping. Through a sealed binding structure and short coffee extraction time, such problems are reduced. It also consists of an easy and simple magnetic bonding structure, making it easy to remove and clean.


Fresh beans are extracted with water at room temperature (COLD BREW) in four minutes, which features a rich crema, a deep body taste and a small amount of acid. It also has excellent sweetness and flavor and can extract soft coffee from the beginning to the last drop.


Built-in foam whisk that can make rich, soft milk foam allows you to make a variety of menus such as Lattes and Cappucinos to enhance the completeness of the coffee flavor.

G-PRESS is different.

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